Ultra Sound Scanning

The Radiology Department is visited by the best consultant Radiologists in the country.

The test uses sound waves to detect organs and functions of organs. A controlled beam is directed into the body and the echoes of the reflected Ultra Sounds are used to build up an electronic image of various structures of the body. It is used in Obstetrics, first line of abdominal organs and cardiac lesions.

Preparation Instructions For Ultra Sound Scanning

  • Patient who are pregnant for more than 3 months do not require any preparation. Pregnancy less than 3 months requires a full bladder.
  • All other patients should follow the instructions give below.
  • Patient should fast for 6 hours prior to the scan. But he/ she should drink water / King coconut / Young coconut water as much as possible during this period to get the bladder full (No milk or milk tea allowed)
  • Patient must come with full bladder for the scan.
  • Children aged between 2-5 years need not fast for 6 hours . But if possible keep fasting for at leas 1 hour. Children under the age of 2 years need no preparation.
  • Patients for Thyroid scan need no preparation.
  • Please do not forget to bring along with you , your previous medical records , U / S scan reports and X' rays etc

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