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What is SNORING?

Snoring is noisy breathing through the mouth and nose during sleep. It occurs when the muscles in the upper air passages vibrate.


Apnoea is the cessation of breathing while sleeping.


OSA occurs when the breathing passage in the nose and mouth is blocked during sleep. As a result air flow in and out of the lung stops, although EFFORT TO BREATHE continues.These interruptions usually lasts more then 10 second and can occur between 10 to 50 times per hour. When this happens the Oxygen (02) levels in the body can drop to dangerous levels and the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level increase. As the brain detects this it will wake you up to reopen the airways and restart your breathing.

Is it a RISK to your health?

yes.There is an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, Diabetes and heart disease. Also, many patients with OSA are prone to traffic accidents and work related accidents. Specially those who work with machines.

What are the SYMPTOMS?


  • Gasping or cessation of breathing during sleep (Observed by partner)
  • Excessive sleeping during daytime
  • Morning headaches
  • Lack of energy, difficulty in concentration, irritability

How do you TEST for sleep apnoea ?

The only way to diagnose sleep apnoea is to do a Sleep Study otherwise known as a Polysomnogram.

It is done overnight in Hospital, in a quiet environment,during a normal night sleeping session, No needles are involved !!

The Patient is attached to electrodes which record brain waves, eye movements, muscle activity, respiration, oxygen levels, snoring, airflow at the nostrils, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Can sleep apnoea be TREATED?

Yes.You must help yourself by reducing weight, stopping or reducing alcohol consumption, avoiding sedatives and sleeping tablets, keeping to regular sleeping habits.

A small machine that delivers positive pressure to the airways (CPAP) is the most effective mode of therapy for sleep apnoea.This pressure is delivered by a small nasal mask which you wear while sleeping.

What are the BENEFITS of CPAP treatment?

There is a dramatic increase in daytime alertness and energy levels. Snoring is abolished and a restful sleep is assured. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels at night are normalized. Blood pressure control is much easier, with less medication, in patients with high blood pressure.

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