Palliative Care Unit

What is Palliative Care?

  • The care of patients with terminal illness where relief of symptoms is the priority.(e.g. Cancer,  Kidney Failure, Heart Failure,Motor Neurone Failure,Liver Failure)

  • Palliative care involves a team of doctors nurses and other healthcare professionals who will work together to look after the patient.
  • Palliative care involves physical,psychological, psychosocial and spiritual care.

Which patients would benefit from Palliative Care?

  • Patients with terminal illnesses such as advanced cancers and organ failure usually where a cure is not possible
  • Patients with severe pain
  •  Patients at the end stage of their lives
  • Patients with the above illnesses whose families have difficulty caring for them at home

What services are offered by the Nawaloka Palliative Care Unit?

  • In-patient palliative care service
  • Nurses and doctors trained in palliative care
  • State of the art equipment,medication and treatment protocols

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