Audiology Clinic

Hearing difficulty can interfere your DAILY life

below symptoms indicate a gearing difficulty

  • Difficulty in hearing telephone / door bell ringing
  • Difficulty in understanding words, especially against background noise or among a crowd of people
  • Finding it difficult to say which direction a sound is coming from
  • When people seem to mumble more frequently & lip reading while you ask them to repeat what they say
  • The need to turn up the volume of a TV / radio When you experience "ringing" in your ears
  • If you feel dizziness and imbalance often in your day-to-day life

    The following tests are available at Nawaloka Hospital Audiology Unit

    • Pure tone audiometry (PTA)
    • Tympanometry
    • Reflexometry
    • Newborn hearing screening
    • Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA)
    • Free filed test (FFT)
    • Aided threshold audiometry
      Rehabilitation services available
    • Free hearing aid trial
    • Bone conduction hearing aid trial
    • Follow up adjustment
    • Repairing and Servicing
    • Free Filed testing with hearing devices
    • Ear protection services (noise/water)
    • Custom made war molds
    • CI / NAHA implantation counseling
    • Hearing and batteries and accessories available

      Hearing difficulty can affect the quality of your life, health, relationship & career, It is crucial to spot a hearing difficulty as soon as possible Since treatments are often more beneficial if started early. We assure the best audio-logical diagnostic, rehabilitation services
      From Audiology unit of Nawaloka Hospital

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