Intensive Care
SICU - Surgical Intensive Care Unit

  • Well equipped 11 bedded (2 rooms + 9 acute beds) ICU
  • Excellent Nursing Care For all the patients
  • One Nurse per Patient (International Standard)
  • Recovery Critical Patients after Surgery
  • Further following Investigations are carried out
    • Endoscopy - Upper GI Tract Banding & dilatation
    • Colonoscopy
    • Bronchoscopy (Thoracic)
    • Sigmodoscopy
    • OPD Blood Gas
    • Tilt Table test
  • Cardiac arrest team provided for the whole Hospital
CCU - Coronary Care Unit

  • Bed Strength -06
  • 24 hours monitoring facilities
  • Artificial Ventilalatery facilities
  • Coronary Angiogrammes
  • P.T.C.A. (Percutanious Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty)
  • P.T.M.C. (Percutanious Transvenous Mitral Commissurotomy)
  • Inward Echo, U/S Scan
  • I.A.B.P. (Intra Aortic Balloon Pump) insertion with monitoring
  • Trained & experienced nursing staff
  • P.P.M & T.P.M. insertion (Permanent Pace Maker Implantation & Temporary Pace Maker Implantation)
  • I.C.D. Implantation (Implantable Cardioverter Dedibrilator )
CICU - Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

  • Fully equipped 12 bedded ICU
  • Pioneer of the Private Sector
  • More than five thousand surgeries were performed successfully
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  • Conjental Heart Disease / Paedeatrics & Adults & Valve replacement & other cardiothoracic surgeries with new techniques (Octapuss / Bleating Heart)
  • UK standard Unit
  • Initial Staff of the Cardiac Unit trained by British Cardiac Team
MICU - Medical Intensive Care Unit

Good Management of patients with acute life threatening conditions (critically ill) within the specialized environment.

Haemodialysis Unit

NHL is extending its helping hands to RENAL FAILURE patients, with a state of the art Haemodialysis Unit.
Patients with acute and chronic renal failure may need Dialysis those who are in our intensive care units acute renal failure for few days and chronic renal failure life long till they get kidney transplantation.

NICU / NNU -Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Among the large number of specialties & facilities available here, he Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU/NNU) takes a very special place compared to other private & even Government Hospital NICU s in Sri Lanka.
Nawaloka Hospital NICU was originated in early 2001 with 2 Radiant warmers, 4 Incubators & 6 cots with 2 separated areas for Acute Intensive Care Section and the septic isolated area.
By end of 2001 the demand for NICU care was so popular, even other developing countries such as Maldives were sending ill babies to Nawaloka NICU for specialized treatment funded by Maldives government & also by private funding schemes.
Therefore by early 2002, NICU had 2 bear cub Neonatal Ventilators, 6 Incubators, 3 Radiant warmer care & 8 cots.

Neonatal Conditions For Which Facilities Are Available

  • Very Acutely ill Babies
  • Extremely Premature Babies with very severe Respiratory Distress syndrome where we give endotracheal surfactant Therapy & Ventilate E.g. From gestation maturity of 27 weeks onwards (6 3/4 months in Uterus)
  • Extremely low birth weight Babies. Lowest Birth Weight we have handled is 700 grams Baby.
  • Severe Respiratory Distress due to other causes
  • Unilateral or Bilateral pneumothorax with Intercostal drainage Tubing Facility , Severe Meconium Aspiration, Severe persistent pulmonary Hypertension (Successfully handled with early ventilation IV MgSO 4 ), Severe Birth Asphyxia or cerebral haemorrhage, Severe continuous convulsions due to Hypoxic brain damage, Kernictures or maternal drug withdrawal, Very severe septicemias & Meningitis , Congenital pneumonias, Cardiac abnormalities & Hydrops foetalis & severe heart failure
  • Congenital pneumonias, Cardiac abnormalities & Hydrops foetalis & severe heart failureSurgical Conditions Such As
  • VP shunting for obstructive hydrocephalus, Bowel Surgeries, Diaphragmatic Hernias, Meningo Myelocoeles
  • These babies are from both inward Hospital deliveries and from transfers from other private and Government Hospitals, where, Nawaloka NICU provide the transport Incubator with O 2 in the Ambulance and well trained and experienced Medical Officer and nurses to go with the baby to the destination
  • Moderately ill babies
  • Different types of Indirect Hyper bilirubinemias where emergency Double volume exchange transfusions done and provide single to Triple Ultraviolet Light Phototherapy
  • Transient Tachypnoeas
  • Opened, heart PDA s with Heart Failure
  • Sepsis
  • Large Babies of Diabetic Mother's with problems eg. Recurrent hypoglycemia, High Hb with heart failure, Valvular heart disease
  • Intra Uterine Growth Retarded (IUGR) babies with or without congenital TORCH Infections
  • Mild pneumonias & Bronchiolitis
  • Severe Neonatal Protein energy Malnutrition and failure to thrive
  • Other rare conditions as Metabolic disorders other Surgical Congenital Malformations of face, & body and limbs
  • Septic Isolated area with the transferred babies from other hospitals and Inward septic babies
  • Our work is facilitated by the readily available MRI & CT scanning in house
  • All the 10 Medical Officers are working 24 hours around the clock according to duty shifts & Night Shift is done by Government Sector Paediatric Registrar and Senior Registrars.
  • In 2001 at the start NICU Total Admissions were 150 with 25% transfers from other private Hospitals in Colombo.
  • After starting the ventilators in 2002 we have ventilated 80 babies up to now and 90% successfully recovered.
  • By 2004 the Annual admissions have come up to 300 babies and the mortality rate is managed to keep below 10% annually. Most of the deaths are due to severe congenital malformations. Babies are admitted under different consultant Neonatologists or Paediatricians chosen by either patient party or the consultant himself.

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