Centre for Geriatric Medicine

Whatis Geriatric Medicine:  This is the branch of Medicine that dealswith the health care of the older people. It is also called Elderly careMedicine. The specialists in this speciality are called Geriatric Physicians orGeriatricians (Elderly care Physicians).

It’s main objective is to improve thewell-being and quality of life of older and ageing population.

How does ithelp older people?

Older people are unique. Their issues are different.More time and attention are needed to recognise their issues and also tounderstand their wishes and dreams  inlife. Their medical issues also take longer to get better.  Elderly care Medicine caters for these needs.


Everything isnot due to age?

Most people have tendency to overlook some issues of older people putting it down to‘age’. Some examples are falls, confusions, memory loss, hearing impairments,lack of teeth and many more. Most of so called issues due to ‘age’ can behelped and improvedto make their lives much better. Elderly care services andelderly care physicians specialise in that.


When do you need it?

  • If you suffer with many medical issues – If you have an illness it can lead to other issues as well. Though primary illness is treated unless all other issues are sorted you will not get better. This speciality looks into all issues help you.
  • Those with many diseases seen by many specialists without coordination A
  • If you take many drugsneeding rationalisation.
  • If you had recent falls or have a tendency to fall.
  • If your balance is poor
  • If you struggle to walk
  • If you are struggling to maintain independenceand get on with day to day activities of your life for any reason.
  • If your memoryis fading or feel confused at times.
  • If you feel low in your mood of feel anxious or panicky easily.
  • If your hearing or vision are fading and interfere with your day to day life
  • If you struggle to eat for any reason including having poor teeth.
  • If you struggle to control your bowel or bladder functions
  • If you are Constipated or suffer with unexplained abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, or repeated urine infections.
  • If you struggle to swallow.
  • If you are generally getting weak and had a fracture
  • If you have troubling or distressing symptoms interfering with your life and sleep
  • If you feel frail, very weak and feeble needing lot of care
  • If you are a nursing home residentneeding medical attention.

Benefits to your family/friends/loved ones

  • If anyone you know go through above issues they can be helped
  • Carers/ family are given proper support , guidance, advice to help to reduce the burden
  • Peace of mind with someone to guide and help you

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