M.R.I Scanning

What Is M.R.I.?

M.R.I is Manager Resonance imaging. It allows us to see very clearly inside the human body without the use of X-rays. MRI pictures, called images, help make us the best possible diagnosis. No radiation is involved.

How Does It Work?

Magnetic resonance produces clear internal body images by using a particular radio frequency to create momentary magnetic changes and analyzing by computer the signals returned by various tissues.

How Long Does An Exam Take?

The average MRI scan takes 3 to 10 minutes, with a complete exam running 15 to 40 minutes. During this time, several dozen images may be obtained.

What Can I Expect During The Exam?

MRI is comfortable and easy for the patient. First, the technologist will position you on a cushioned table. When you are comfortably positioned for the exam, the table will move into the magnet.

he technologist will then step to the control area, and remain in constant with you. As the MRI scan proceeds, you will hear a muffled thumping sound.

Before The Examination

Please empty your bladder before the examination and wear a gown provided by the department, if not, bring a cotton dress without any metal items and this form must be filled out before undergoing MRI investigations.

Please indicate if you have any of the following as they may affect your scan. Any metallic substance on your person can cause a bright or black spot on this picture and may be dangerous. To help your doctor make the best diagnosis,

Please Do Not Wear

  •  Hairspray and hairpins
  •  A hearing aid
  •  Any removable dental work
  •  Jewellery
  •  Eyeglasses
  •  Credit card
  •  Coins & Wallet
  •  Wrist watches
  •  Talisman

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