Integrating world class neuro- care from a single location

In response to growing needs for comprehensive and compassionate care for neurological and spinal treatments, private healthcare giant, Nawaloka Hospitals in a release to media, announced that their Neurosurgical centre is now a focal point for quality care and services and best equipped for advanced treatments in significant neurological and spine illnesses.

“Our dedicated clinicians at the fully-equipped Neuro centre are able to diagnose and treat patients suffering from conditions from strokes to traumatic brain injuries, brain tumours, neuro vascular disorders, spinal injuries as well as spinal tumours & peripheral nerve disorders” said Nawaloka Hospital’s Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr Punsith Gunewardene. “Our special focus is on stroke management and RTPA therapy for acute strokes, which the hospital is capable of administering within just 4 hours of the onset together with our neurologist colleagues”.

Dr Gunewardene went on to note that while breakthrough surgeries were performed at the unit, after-care by specialized team of professionals is yet another strong point of the centre. “From Endoscopic assisted pituitary surgeries to correction of congenital anomalies of the spine are all coordinated from a single point which is the Neuro Centre.

"Nawaloka hospital’s neuro capability has always attracted the best Consultant doctors, talented nurses and medical professionals," said Harshith Dharmadasa, Director, Nawaloka Hospitals. “The new Neuro Centre will be a focal point of co-ordination that brings under one umbrella all the capabilities, expertise and technical aspects, for better efficiency.

"Our patients are our No. 1 priority and our aim is to improve patient wellbeing by delivering the most advanced, comprehensive care and services and so a Neuro- Centre was formed to bring neuro-surgical / neurology services, recovery rooms and rehabilitation areas into one unit that patients now can easily access all of the services in one area, making it more manageable and less stressful.

“When patients develop a major neurological disorder or illness, they are obviously anxious and scared and they want help quickly and smoothly with minimum stress to the patient,"

“The Neuro Centre at the Nawaloka Hospital augments the quality of care and gives the patients a sense of security and confidence that they are at the right place,” added Dharmadasa, who went on to say that this step will help Nawaloka Hospital continue to provide the compassionate and comprehensive care that our community deserve."