In line with this year’s World Heart Day activities, Nawaloka Heart Centre issued a call for comprehensive cardiac care in Sri Lanka.Renowned as the most trusted private healthcare provider in Sri Lanka for cardiac care, Nawaloka Heart centre provides a gamut of services starting from state-of-the-art screening packages to bypass surgeries at the most affordable rates in Sri Lanka. Having performed over 12,000 successful heart surgeries since inception, the hospital conducts seminars on cardiovascular care every six months to provide guidance to patients in various stages of recovery from heart surgery. Scheduled for 01st October, 2016, the next seminar will feature informative sessions conducted by cardiologist, physiotherapist and dieticians as well as a medical camp which will be held at the Nawaloka Hospital Auditorium.

“WHO statistics reveal Cardiovascular Diseases to be the number one cause of death globally. An alarming number of Sri Lankans too suffer from heart diseases. However, we can reduce the prevalence of the disease if we address behavioural risk factors such as unhealthy dietary habits, alcohol and tobacco abuse and physical inactivity,” commented Dr Dr. A.G. Jayakrishnan.

Generally, symptoms such as raised blood pressure, raised blood glucose, raised blood lipids, and overweight and obesity can indicate a risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. To address the risk, physicians advice patients to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and seek medical treatment to control diabetes, hypertension and high blood lipids.

Speaking further Dr Jayakrishnan said, “The high incidence of hypertension and diabetes in Sri Lanka is a contributing factor to the increasing number of patients suffering from heart related diseases. The good news is that both conditions can be controlled by merely adopting a healthy diet, regular exercise and using medication. However, as cardiologists we urge Sri Lankans not to ignore early warning signs of a heart attack and seek treatment as soon as they detect symptoms to minimize the damage.”

Due to its complex nature, heart surgery procedures require vastly-experienced, top-notch cardiac surgeons as well as trusted state-of-the-art equipment. With 22 years of experience in treating cardiovascular diseases, Nawaloka Heart Centre is well-equipped to offer ground-breaking alternatives to conventional clinical procedures for heart diseases. Patients can opt for lower cost, lower risk surgeries and procedures under the care of globally renowned and acclaimed Consultant Surgeons and their teams of medical specialists.

In addition, the Nawaloka Heart Centre provides comprehensive post-surgery care and counselling to patients. During the first few weeks following angioplasty or surgery, Cardiologists’ advice recovering heart patients to take plenty of rest and follow up with regular physiotherapy.

“A stress free environment and avoiding strenuous activity are important factors that will lead to full recovery, concluded Dr Jayakrishnan.

At present, the centre conducts 98% of bypass surgeries without stopping the heart and without the use of a heart lung machine.